Our Mission | American Bear Cub®

You're a pretty big deal around here. Photo of a starry night sky with a glowing camper's tent.

Perhaps you experience Wanderlust, or love searching the night skies for shooting stars?✨  

Just maybe you have a love for the outdoors (and let's face it - a thirst for adventure 🏕️), also feeling like you want to make a difference while here on Earth? 

Then you're in the right place, Adventurer! 


Neil Armstrong made it all the way to the moon, but he couldn’t have dreamed of doing so without the best team providing support the whole journey, and that’s who YOU are for us.
Yep, you read that right, you’re our mission control.
Your unwavering support, whether big or small, creates space for us to do what we love and build incredible things together. And, of course, we hope you’re loving it, too.
Thank you for getting us to, well, our own kind of moon. 

You help remove one pound of waste from the sunny, southwest Florida Everglades ecosystem for each item purchased from our shop. 🏝️☀️🐊

1 pound of waste removed for each product sold

Get cozy, unique designs & buttery soft to the touch clothing items that will not only make you want to wrap yourself up in them (and please feel free to do so 🥰), but a quality to last for years to come -- no fast fashion here, my fellow adventurers.


Preserving the Florida Everglades - artist's digital rendering of the Florida Everglades National Park

We're on a mission to preserve Florida’s waterways, ocean & wildlife by removing waste outdoors. 


Emily, also known as Mama Bear, owner of American Bear Cub® wearing the Mountain Night hoodie in Heather Sport Dark Maroon

Hey there sunshine - I'm Emily 👋🏼 but better known around this neck of the woods as Mama Bear.

I'm the Outdoors Cozy Queen who started American Bear Cub® in 2017 with nothing but a love for adventure & a home desktop die-cutting machine. 

Over the past 4 years, my family & I have grown this company into a cozy adventure clothing brand (and ditched that old dinosaur of a die-cutting machine for some much needed upgrades & more eco-friendly equipment).

We've also made some other BIG moves (like literally, across the country from Michigan to Florida) and started preserving our local southwest Florida beaches, neighborhoods & the Everglades ecosystem.🏝️☀️🐊

Even as we've grown we continue to make all of our items to order by hand with love in our shop in Cape Coral, Florida.

American Bear Cub® company logo

American Bear Cub® Core Values

We preserve locally while inspiring globally.
We value purpose over profits.
We provide lasting quality.
We connect & learn with our community.
We embody inclusivity.
We are outdoorsy in an era of indoorsy.
We cherish our wilderness.

Our Process

Let's save the Everglades together. You purchase cozy items. We hand make all items to order with love and ship to you. We also remove one pound of waste for each item you purchased. We properly dispose of and recycle all waste collected. We all help save Florida's ocean & wildlife.

Our American Bear Cub® family works weekly to remove waste from adopted roads, local neighborhoods & parks, public beaches, nature trails & more. 

American Bear Cub® waste removal clean ups the Everglades ecosystem.

American Bear Cub® cleans up old tires.

Eco Alliance Badge

Our Eco-Alliance Commitment

The Eco-Alliance is a growing community of businesses, makers, and brands who choose to utilize sustainable packaging and are committed to being better together.

For every package shipped, trees are planted in areas in need of reforestation. We're committed to offset all carbon footprints for shipping for each order.

We utilize only compostable and recycled packaging materials to help the environment & further our preservation efforts.

Through pines & palms, we're on a mission - (we're shooting for the stars) and we'd love you to join in on the preservation efforts by making a purchase today.